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Pat’s Story

When I was asked to share with you how this ministry has impacted me personally, I was hesitant to relive this part of my life. But after much thought, I realized one of the most painful times of my life was also the most joyful. Here’s my story:

When my daughter turned 18, she went “crazy”.   Seriously! Up until then she was close to being the perfect child aside from the normal teenage rite of passage rebellion. She was a beautiful girl (not a lady yet) who knew EVERYTHING and went to great lengths to try and convince me. Our arguments were legendary. Screaming matches to the top of our lungs was the ONLY communication method. She flunked out of college (didn’t go to class), moved in and out of our house too many times to count (lived with “friends”), and worked full time in an establishment that served alcohol and stayed open late every night (not a big deal for most people, unless you are very easily influenced and suffer from low self-esteem).

I worried constantly and prayed to GOD to keep her safe. Her erratic behavior lasted about five years and ended in the “P” word. It was like a light switch came on. She instantly became a normal, responsible human being. I supposed it was because she did not want to “reap what she had sown”, but now that I look back, it was God’s way of mending our relationship.

My FIRST Joy was the most beautiful baby girl that I had ever seen (isn’t that the way God meant it to be)! I was so thankful that our “ordeal”, for lack of a better word, was over (NOT!). Despite being a wonderful mother, she was still searching for something or someone to make her happy. You see, her father was absent from the time she was two years old. I don’t have to tell you the consequences of a little girl without a father, as they are well documented. She remarried and became a self-described workaholic (just like her mother). While trying and partially succeeding to always be the best at everything, i.e. mother, career, marriage, God changed her heart (My SECOND Joy).

You see, my daughter is Christy McGriff, the founder of “Be Still and Live Ministry”. God changed her life dramatically, therefore, changing mine.

Proud & Grateful Mother – Pat

Stephanie’s story
I recently started a Bible study called The Simple Life which is where I was introduced to the ministry. This Bible study along with The Simple Life book has really spoken to me about having the simple life. The day that I received an email about the ministries services of meeting one on one it was on my heart that I needed accountability and some direction if I wanted to succeed on my journey. I have had two meetings and I really value that weekly meeting. The conversation and game plan gives me support and I know someone is praying for me to succeed as well. Also, I am learning what spiritual gifts I have been blessed with and how to use them the way God intended. I really feel that God lead me to this ministry for a reason.  -Stephanie
Brenda’s story

This ministry has made me realize that it is one thing to have good intentions with how I spend my , and
quite another thing to be intentional. This ministry has helped me understand the difference between being a person with good intentions, and being a person who acts intentionally.  Good intentions – no matter how good they may be – rarely become a consistent reality. Intentional acts come to fruition through prayer, planning and firm commitment to the end result.  This ministry equips women with the tools to transition from being well intentioned, to one who lives each day with a clear purpose.  – Brenda