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We invite you to partner with us by becoming a Financial Supporter!

All gifts to Be Still and Live Ministry, a 501c3 non-profit ministry, are tax deductible according to IRS regulations. You may donate by mailing a check or making an electronic contribution through PayPal.

Be Still and Live Ministry is a faith-based ministry. We depend solely on the financial support of individuals and churches in order to carry out our mission of inspiring simplicity in the hearts of today’s busy women and offering encouragement  along the journey towards stillness, peace and simplicity. 

Below are the ways your generous donation(s) will be used to support this ministry:

  • Provide overall support for daily ministry activities
  • Provide support for our vision for a Café House, a casual place for small gatherings, trainings, workshops, retreats and other events centered around simple living.

Ways to donate:

Donate Online HERE


Be Still and Live Ministry

P.O. Box 8903

Gray, TN 37615

If you elect to make a donation online, be assured this payment method is secure. If you would like to provide ongoing support for this member, please contact us about our 20 x 20 Donor Campaign. We would be thankful for your support!

Here is another way you can support this ministry just by shopping at Food City!

cash cards

(This is currently our primary source of funding for this ministry)

If you have already committed to your charitable giving this year but would like to support this ministry, it is as easy as shopping at Food City for groceries or gas.

Be Still and Live Ministry purchases Food City Community Cash Cards at a discount and then sells them at regular retail, thus making a profit. Community Cash Cards are discounted by 5% when we place our order and purchase them. These cards work just like cash so you get 100% of your money back in groceries or gas.

We place an order every 2 weeks. Email us at to get more information or to be added to the Community Cash Supporter email list.