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2017 OFFERING – simplelife girlfriend gathering

Simplicity delivered straight to your living room.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

NEW TOPIC IN 2017 – simplelife bootcamp

Simplelife bootcamp is your opportunity to gain some necessary tools to kick-start your simplelife journey. With these 5 topics, you will be invited to collide with your passions and gain a glimpse of the life you were created to live, the simplelife. With these discoveries, you’ll be ignited with a powerful motivation that is unexplainable.
1) Preparing for the journey
2) Discovering yourself
3) Developing a plan
4) Making it happen
5) Staying the course

Live Your Purpose

Pursing the God-given desires or your heart. It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of everyday life. We are stressed and exhausted. We long for something more, and yet something less.  However, we struggle with such insecurity. See the truth from a different perspective. Live the life He has prepared you to live, and one specifically designed for you.

Inspiring Simplicity

Have you heard the story of  Mary and Martha? If so, do you  identify with Martha? Our society today loves Martha and seems to be trying to push Mary right out the door. If you are caught up in a whirlwind of busyness and feel as though there is no escaping it, think again sweet sister! There is hope and peace awaiting. We were created to live differently. I invite you into the life we were created to live.

workshopThe simplelife: Your  Journey Begins

How are we supposed to live a simple life in the midst of a society that has no tolerance for stillness? The answer is “by choice”. Our wonderful Creator speaks of the full and abundant life He has for each of us. That can only mean one thing – that it is possible. Christy’s passion is to inspire simplicity in the hearts of busy women. She shares what it means to live the simplelife as she equips women to:

  • Gain a “window view” perspective of life.
  • Identify the most concerning area of life that hinders simplicity.
  • Develop an action plan that flows from the desires of the heart.
  • Initiate a plan to live the life each was created to live – the simplelife.
  • Embrace the journey while anticipating the victory.
 the simplelife Day Retreat: A Captivating Journey
Do you find yourself captivated by the simplicity and beauty of life, or do you feel more like a captive needing rescue? This day retreat is an opportunity for women to come together and embark on a Captivating Journey of peace, purpose and simplicity. Christy’s passion is to inspire simplicity in the hearts of women. She will begin this journey by inspiring simplicity in which she shares the truth of the simplelife from a unique perspective. Because we are each desperately seeking more, Christy will challenge women to view desperation as an opportunity to live differently. the simplelife is nothing short of a Captivating Journey. There is none greater to travel.
the simplelife Weekend Retreat: Overcoming for Eternity
Be Still and Live Ministry is excited to offer the simplelife weekend retreat. This is an opportunity for ladies to come together for a heart-centered weekend to embark on a journey of Overcoming for Eternity. During this weekend of intentional reflection, you will be guided on a journey through identifying your struggles, discovering God’s instruction to overcoming those struggles and embracing your reward for being an overcomer.  The letters to the seven churches in Revelations will be our guide as we embark on this journey to victory.

lunch and learn


The Art of Simplicity: Building Your Framework (designed for businesses)

Interested in learning The Art of Simplicity? Living with simplicity can seem “not so simple”, but learning The Art of Simplicity can bring freedom to a chaotic, congested life.  This art requires that we  build our own unique framework and that we reside within it.  In this session, participants will learn 3 key components of building this framework and will discover the importance of:

  • Understanding the concept of framework and the role it plays in living simply.
  • Embracing limitations and viewing those limits as opportunities for creativity and focus.
  • Establishing boundaries with confidence in all aspects of life.
  • Finding coherence by identifying the common thread within your identity.
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Don’t see a topic that fits your needs? Let’s talk. Tailor made talks can be developed just for your event.

“..He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.” Isaiah 61:1

I was Christy McGriff’s pastor for over 11 years. I watched her live what she shares in her messages. She made tough choices as a corporate leader but probably one of the toughest, from a financial point of view, was too leave the corporate world and downsize her life to be able to focus on her family and ministry. When Christy speaks to your church she will speak out of experience. I can recommend Christy to you knowing she will bless your church.

Bud Beverly, Lead Pastor – Harvest Community Church


the simplelife Day Retreat: a captivating journey

Christy’s passion for investing into people is so evident. She loves the Lord and His people and communicates this well as she speaks. She is very organized and easy to minister and serve with. You will not be disappointed in what she has to share. Relevant to today’s world.

Barb Williams, Women’s Ministry University Parkway Baptist Church


Workshop: The simplelife: Your Journey Begins

Christy McGriff hits the nail on the head with her insights into our overly scheduled and busy lives. We’re tired, frazzled and long for the simple life. She shows us that we need to be still and live! Her presentation is so much more than a lecture on the need to slow down and prioritize. Her interactive approach utilizes a personal journey guide that encourages us to identify the areas in our lives that hinder simplicity. We examine the desires of our heart and initiate a plan to the “simplelife”. She is passionate, poised, and articulate. Her desire is to help us recognize and live the life God has in mind for us. Invite Christy to start you on that journey today!

Angie Martin -Hope House Center for Women, Director & Colonial Heights Christian Church Women’s Fellowship Coordinator -Kingsport, TN


Inspiring Simplicity at Faithfully Business

She reminded us of the story of Mary and Martha and that though there is a time for preparation there must be a time for rest. Being must come first. The greatest life we could ever live is one modeled by Jesus. He lived the simple life. And I loved this…let your less become more. Thank you so much, Christy, for sharing God’s message yesterday 🙂  We had the highest attendance so far this year so I’m really excited to see what the Lord’s plans are for this group as we go through 2014.

Amanda Boone –  Marketing and Communications Director, Summit Leadership Foundation