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What is simply you? Simply You is a personalized connection point offering one-on-one coaching, encouragement, and accountability as you begin your simplelife journey.

How often will we meet? Weekly sessions are most common and sessions take place in person or over the phone based upon your location.

What is the duration of this program? This is dependent upon your goals. Some participants may just need some encouragement, guidance and a plan to get started on their simplelife journey. Others will be more successful with ongoing coaching sessions through each milestone. Your personality plays an important role in determining how much coaching and motivational support you will want/need.

Why is Christy passionate about simplelife coaching? She knows what a life of chaos and confusion is like. She lived it. She longed for something more, and now she has it (most days). She is a lover of Jesus. He is her coach. Her heart’s desire is to have a positive impact on others’ lives while honoring God and living with simplicity. Simply You is one way she lives out her personal mission statement. She deeply desires for other women to discover a life full of peace, purpose and simplicity. One fully surrendered to God’s will. She desires to walk alongside you.

Interested in participating in this program? Simply complete this FORM and Christy will contact you directly regarding program fees and other questions you may have.