Hi, My name is Christy and I'm addicted to busy. I am making progress each day.

Are you up for simplifying your life? Of course you are. Me too! I've been doing it now for 7 years..and counting. The simplelife is not a destination, it's a journey - a journey I'd like to invite you to travel alongside me and other women who are craving a simplier life. I invite you to take a window view into my journey by visiting my story. This simplelife journey is the most exciting, adventurous, most rewarding journey I have ever dared to travel. Today, I'd like to invite you to become a simplelife journey girl. I'll explain how, but first,  here's a bit about Be Still and Live Ministry.

What we are all about

simplelife is

Be Still and Live is a ministry focused on uncovering God’s truths for a simple life in the midst of a society that has no tolerance for stillness. This ministry exists to inspire simplicity in the hearts of today’s busy women.

Our passion is to uncover the deep desire to live differently and to offer encouragement on the journey towards stillness, peace and simplicity.
So here we are, temporarily fixed by time. We built our lives, trying to accomplish much and trying to help our family succeed, but this grand structure of a life we envisioned now suddenly seems more like a prison. We are stressed, overwhelmed, and we want out. You don’t want it that way. You want something different. Something more. And yet something less. The simple life. (Simple Life, Rainer)
If you can identify with this reality, you've landed in the right place.
Claim the life that was specifically designed for you by becoming a simplelife girlfriend.
Feel free to learn more about Be Still and Live Ministry by browsing our site.

An invitation to a life you don't want to miss

I am inviting you to travel alongside me and other women who are craving a simpler life. This simplelife journey is the most exciting, adventurous, rewarding journey I have ever dared to travel. Today, I'm inviting you to become a simplelife journey girl.

Here's the how and what of it all

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Simplelife Journey Girls gain access the 2017-2018 simpleplan which includes:
  • simplicity starter kit which includes
    • a free copy of "5 simple steps to de-cramming your schedule"
    • companion 2017 simpelife calendar
    • PLUS one complimentary mentoring session to get you started on your simplelife journey
    • A special gift that will be a reminder of the commitment you've made to embark on the simplelife journey.
  • Access to private Journey Girls discussion group.
  • Free ticket to 2017 Girlfriend Cafe "The Secret to Being Content" (Meal Included)
  • Invitation to 2017 simplelife girlfriend gathering "Just Baggage Enough"
  • Discounted ticket to 2017 simplelife retreat "DETOX" (weekend)
  • An additional special gift to start your 2018 year with simplicity in mind.
  • Special discount for any simplelife courses offered.
  • Discounted ticket to Girlfriend Getaway 2018 (overnight/weekend)
  • Simple Life Group Study 2018, includes hard back book and member book (6 weeks)
  • Access to over 200 of my blog posts with content all centering around living simply, including 4 published articles from TriCities Spiritual Wellness magazine.
  • Receive simplelife connection, an email publication that offers continued encouragement towards simplicity as well as practical daily tips for simple living.

Let's get your simple on!

simplelife journey girl
Become a simplelife journey girl today and begin the journey you were created to travel.
Simply click Get Started! OR text SIMPLIFY to 423-963-0944 and I'll get in touch with you within 48 hours to answer any questions you have about taking your first step.  This is one journey you'll never regret taking.
If you are not local to the Tri-Cities in TN but are interested in connecting, please inquire and we can chat about a customized option for you.
simply His,
simplelife journey girl