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  • Proud, and sometimes a little crazy,  mother of 3 lovelies and 1 grand-lovely.1
  • I am the wife of a husband I don’t deserve.
  • Hallmark movies with my youngest lovely is my favorite weekend hobby.
  • Neapolitan ice cream with raspberries and caramel is my favorite late-night treat.
  • IOP (Isle of Palms) is our family vacation spot.
  • Busyness is my weakness.
  • I am a big consumer of grace.
  • Most importantly, I am in CRAZY LOVE with Jesus!


Christy graduated Magna Cum Laude from King College in Bristol, TN with a Bachelor in Business Administration. Christy has over 10 years of experience in the corporate world with most of those years being spent in a management role. After climbing the corporate ladder and reaching a very demanding position, she realized a shift in priorities was necessary.  She has the privilege of pouring her life into 4 precious gifts from above and a husband who has offered unwavering support. Her heart’s desire is to leave a legacy of love, faith, hope and simplicity. In 2011, she was afforded the opportunity to leave her career and pursue a different kind of life – the life she was created to live.

Since that time Christy has made her family the priority in her life, they have become her passion. In August of 2012, she launched the ministry that was laid upon on heart. Be Still and Live is a ministry focused on uncovering God’s truth for a simple life in the midst of a society that has no tolerance for stillness. The passion of this ministry is to inspire simplicity in the hearts of women.The leadership skills and business knowledge Christy acquired over the course of her career is now being used to further God’s Kingdom through her ministry. She has developed and delivered, many training courses (secular and Christian-focused) over the years. She also had the great opportunity to serve on staff at Harvest Community Church and Crossroads Christian Church  as Children’s Ministry Director. She enjoys teaching and training women in environments geared towards discovering the full and abundant life.

Christy’s personal mission statement is “To have a positive impact on others’ lives by honoring God and  living with simplicity.” She desires to inspire others to do the same.


My name is Christy and I am addicted to busy. That was the summarizing statement of my life before I found freedom in simplicity. I was a corporate junky, always seeking the next big project, accomplishment or promotion. That was until my loving Savior gave me a big push. I’m sure He started with gentle nudges, but I was stubborn and caught up in what I could get from this world rather than what I could give. Through a series of events, He exposed me to who I had become. He brought me to the end of myself and then He asked me a question. This question pierced my heart and planted a seed deep in my soul – “What do you want your kids to remember about you when you’re gone?”As that question begin to permeate my soul, I wrote a summary of my life:

   Life had mentally and physically exhausted me and I was frustrated that I had allowed it to  happen. I was constantly running on fumes in all aspects of my life and rarely able to fully enjoy any of it. (2010)

That’s when it all changed. I chose to live differently. I chose to the live the life I was created to live. The result of that one choice is a beautiful picture of God’s grace and mercy and His invitation for me to be a part of His ministry.

And so Be Still and Live Ministry was born.

Although it began as a gentle but persistent tug on my heart for something more, something beyond myself and my own insecurities, the vision of this ministry has developed into reality. The enemy really knows how to attack us women who are striving to keep up in this “do it all” mentality of the world we live in. We want the best and most for our family, we don’t want our kids to be left behind.. and let’s just be honest, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. We care way too much about what other people think of us and our accomplishments. Having the best for our children and ourselves is not a bad thing, when we define “the best” as our sweet Jesus defines it, and not by this world’s definition.

Through the enemy’s stronghold of busyness over our lives, he steals the precious life that God has intended for each of us. We are deceived in believing we are living when our days are full of this and that. We are only truly living the full, abundant life that Jesus died for us to live when we are still in His presence.

John 10:10 gives us an awesome picture of the life God wants for us. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” My heart’s desire is to share my testimony through this ministry so that other women might be encouraged to embark on the journey to the simple life.

It is my prayer that “He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30), and through this ministry my sweet Jesus, your sweet Jesus, would gently, but persistently tug on your heart to Be Still and Live.

Let your less become more. We were created to live differently. You were created to live differently.

Be Still and Live.