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Jul 25 2018

It’s a wrap! And it was a great read for sure. I’m so thankful for those who joined the Summer Reading Series and for those of you who participated by simply reading the weekly posts. Regardless of your level of participation, my prayer is that you learned something about yourself..or was reminded of something about yourself so that you stop believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be. That was the whole point of the book, right?

These final chapters were much lighter (in terms of topic) than the 4 previous ones. I felt it was a great way to end on a lighter note. It really gave me the opportunity to think about the entirety of the book and what one thing I would carry away. And not just carry away but take action to improve. So here is my takeaway from this book –

I need to be held accountable in order to succeed.

Maybe that is your takeaway as well. I’ve always known that when we are held accountable, we are much more likely to carry out that which we need to be held accountable for. That is mainly why I began writing everything down that I want to accomplish in the day. That helps. But I need more….more accountability outside of my own. Because, face it, sometimes that just isn’t enough. So I am going to take some intentional steps in different aspects of my life to be sure this happens, because I want to be successful with this one life Christ has given me to live out for His Glory. It’s important that I live it well. It’s important that I be held accountable. How I live is my legacy.

So don’t be surprised if I ask you to be one of my accountability partners. I hope you’ll accept the invitation.

Share with us what your one takeaway is. I can’t wait to hear about it, and to support you in it!

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One comment on “Girl, Wash Your Face Summer Reading – The Final Lies

  1. I love this book, too, Christy! I actually listened to it twice but definitely need to pick up the hard copy to read and highlight the great nuggets and words of wisdom that Rachel shared.

    I love your mission and look forward to connecting more.