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Jul 13 2018

Not a part of the Summer Reading? It’s OK. I invite you read on because this is some good stuff. Even if you aren’t reading the book alongside us.

To my summer reading girlfriends – Just a few weeks left and “WOW” what an impactful read. We’ve tackled 16 lies. Just 4 more to go!

LIE # 13 – I’m going to marry Matt Damon

“In the absence of clear direction or a real vision, I just imagined one.”

I have to say that although she didn’t marry Matt Damon, she did get to, at least, exchange a few words with him. That’s something, right?  I was quiet impressed that she found a way to push through and move forward realizing that she really didn’t have a clear vision. I was even more impressed that she made up a goal that was pretty unrealistic in order to help her do just that. Who would have ever thought to do this? Not I. I am much too analytical and non-adventurous for such an approach. I’m also a realist, although I do have a good balance of dreaming mixed in. I wish I had known about this unconventional approach many years ago when I was just beginning my simplelife journey. It could have gotten me through some times of pausing when I should have been pressing on. (Although pausing can be good if it’s God’s voice and not your own).

So I challenge you to come up with a very far reaching goal in the absence of a clear vision. Who knows where it might take you..and perhaps you might even reach it!

The 3 things Rachel mentions that helped her are such great approaches. I stand behind all three because I use them all:

1) Writing it down – It is true that if you write something down you are more likely to do it. I plan my day by writing everything down I’d like to get done. It just keeps me on track and organized. Just remember to leave room for margin so God can work and direct your life outside your to-do list. Just try it and you’ll see.

2) Saying it aloud – This one takes a bit (or boat load) of courage. It’s one thing when you say it to yourself in the quiet of the room. So I’m going to take it a bit further and challenge you to say it to someone. And be sure they hear you – no cheating. It’s best to talk about your goals with someone you can trust to encourage you, someone who can give you feedback on any tweaking you might want to consider and who will hold you accountable. If I tell someone I’m going to do something and I know they are going to ask me about, you better believe I’m doing what I said I would do. I’m just that determined when I know someone is checking up on me.

3) Create a vision board – YES, DO THIS! I created a vision board with words and pictures earlier this year and it’s been a huge encouragement to me in pursing my 2018 goals which does include some routine tasks that I’d rather not do. When it comes time to do those things I dread, I just envision me in the pictures of my vision board and I push through. And so will you.

Discussion Question:  Write down one thing that you will start doing this week to move you closer to reaching you goal (your realistic goal or your Matt Damon goal, whichever). Share it with us..that’s the writing it down part.

LIE # 14 – I’m a terrible writer

The moral of this chapter is “someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business.” That is pretty straight forward isn’t it? We really do have to care more about using our gifts that God has given us to make an impact on this world than what the world is going to think of it. That is how the enemy holds us back from living the life we were created to live. We are here on a mission. Treat it as such. Don’t allow anything to stand in your way, sister! Your mission is way to important to abandon it just because you aren’t sure what someone will think about it. The important thing is that at least one person will think about it and who knows, that “thinking” could change their life. Keep pushing through the unknown and the scary parts.

Discussion Question: What dreams are you NOT pursing because you are afraid of someone’s opinion of it?

LIE # 15 – I’m a terrible writer

I can’t even imagine going through such a traumatic event. Even further, I can’t image (even more) going through such a traumatic event in the absence of a relationship with Jesus. God doesn’t cause awful, terrible, unspeakable things to happen in or lives. Sin entered the world and so it goes. However, God does take all things and work them somehow for the good of those who love them. That is hard for us to wrap our minds around, I know, but we have to just trust that it’s the truth. Because we don’t have the mind of Christ (yet), it’s important that we find purpose in the absence of an explanation. We don’t have to understand all things, we just have to trust that God does. Since He is the creator of this universe and all that is in it,  I’m going to rest in that (even if it’s the only thing I do understand).

Discussion Question: Do you have a story of finding purpose in the absence of an explanation?

LIE # 16 – I can’t tell the truth

I don’t really know what to say after this chapter besides “this world is a mess”.  What an awful experience to go through just because you are trying to do the right thing and take care of God’s children. This is precisely why I wait in anticipation for the coming of the Lord. Jesus is going to take all this mess and make it right again. What a beautiful imagery that paints in my mind. And so I’ll end with, Even so, come, Lord Jesus. – Revelation 20:22 (the very last verse in the entire Bible).

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One comment on “Girl, Wash Your Face Summer Reading: Lies 13-16

  1. #13. I already do the 3 things mentioned. I’ve been very inconsistent with self-care, even though I preach it to everyone else! I am going to have a no-excuses routine to stretch at least 10 minutes at the end of every day and get into the habit of stretching every hour or so. If I’m not healthy, I won’t have the energy/motivation to pursue my passion!
    #14. N/A
    #15. I had thought God’s plan was for me to publish books until I died–He led me onto that path to begin with. When I only sold 2, I was so disappointed, especially since it had taken me 10 years to sell the first book. But now I look back and see all of the skills I acquired during that time serve me well in my current passion. The 10 year struggle also taught me that I’m tenacious when I want something!
    #16. Her story was so sad–I can’t imagine the heartache. My story is about Tough Love. It’s called that for a reason. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I understand how it can ruin a marriage if you’re not united. Thankfully, it made our marriage stronger. So much to deal with–guilt, blame, resentment–directed inward, outward. Without my faith and strong relationship with God, I don’t know how I would’ve survived. Thankfully, all is well now, but when you’re in the middle of it, you worry your child will be lost to you forever…