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Jul 6 2018

Not a part of the Summer Reading? It’s OK. I invite you read on. There may be some things that resonate with you that you can take away and apply even if you aren’t joining us in the weekly reading.

To my summer reading girlfriends – We are nearly halfway in and what an awesome read! Keep on hanging on sister, it’s a great ride!

LIE # 10 – I should be further along by now

Hmmm. Is this true for you? It’s true for me. Being a Godly wife and mother was never on my to-do list. Launching a women’s ministry that would inspire simplicity in the hearts of busy women was never on my to-do list. Being a mother to 4 children certainly wasn’t on my to-do list. But so it goes. Likewise, all the mistakes I made were never on my to-do list, but I see now how God used all those choices to bring about these wonderful things in my life that I never really planned on.  Do I think it’s great to have a to-do list? ABSOLUTELY! I have a wonderful daily planner and everything I need to get done within that day is listed out. If I write it down, I can assure it will not be forgotten and if it doesn’t get done, it gets moved to another day.

But here is why this works so well for me – because I leave margin in my day to allow life to happen as God would have it to happen. I don’t hold so tightly to my list that I can’t budge when something more important comes up. If my kids needs extra attention that day, there’s room for that. If I need a little extra time in my bible study, there is room for that. If I need time to just sit down and watch an HGTV show to relax, there is time for that. If someone needs to talk, there is time for that. Do you see the pattern here – there is time for that.  

We should plan our day so that our day doesn’t plan itself but we must leave room for God to re-arrange as He sees fit. If you live your life in this manner, always ensuring that your list matches where he is leading you, you’ll find yourself along the most beautiful journey you’ve ever imagined. Travel it well sister! Travel it well.

Discussion Question: Do you have margin in your day? If not, is there something you can eliminate in your schedule that will create some room to breathe?

LIE # 11 – Other people’s kids are so much cleaner/better organized/more polite

The topic of chaos is right up the alley of the message of this ministry; however, I have a different outlook on chaos than described in this book. It’s OK if we don’t agree, as we all have different perspectives and come from a different understanding of how thing are and should be. But one thing I know is For God is not a God of disorder but of peace – 1 Cor 14:33.  And further, the definition of chaos is complete disorder and confusion. So I’m sticking to my belief that chaos is not something we should embrace. I do, however, believe there are productive ways to deal with chaos.

  1. Don’t invite it into your life – Some choices we make are just a welcoming invitation for chaos. Don’t make those choices. Sometimes that means not allowing certain people to be a big part of our lives.
  2. Don’t allow it to linger – Messy things happen in our life that are out of our control. However, we typically control how long the mess stays a part of our life. Make the choices you need to make to restore order after an unexpected occurrence. Restoring order can sometimes take months or years, but keep working in the direction of restoration.

Here is what else I have to say on chaos:

Rainbow of Chaos

Color My Life with Chaos

Discussion Question: Are you experiencing chaos in our life? If so, what’s one step you can take to begin to restore order to your life? That is what God wants for you and your family.

LIE # 12 – I need to make myself smaller

Those dreams you have for yourself are not silly; they are the road map to your divine calling!

You know both these statements are true, right? You were not made to be small AND those dreams you have for yourself are not silly; they are the road map to your divine calling. Maybe you didn’t know these are both true statements. Well you know now. And since you know now, you don’t have an excuse for not getting on that road to your divine calling.  Do you know how rare it is that a person live out her true desires of the heart? You know, the desires that God planted before He formed us? It’s rare. It’s really rare. I almost missed it myself. What a tragedy that would have been. When I think about just how close I came to missing that road that led me to where I am now, I shutter at the thought. I honestly could not imagine living any other kind of life.

It is truly one of the saddest things when people miss their divine purpose in life. What makes it even sadder is that no one has to miss it- it is a choice. It’s a hard choice, but a choice nonetheless. If you aren’t living the life that Christ died for you to live then it is for one of two reasons: 1) You are choosing not to live it or 2) You’ve made the choice to go down the right path and you are doing what needs to be done to get yourself on that road. You just haven’t gotten there yet.

Girlfriend, if you are working your way out of the messy life you created for yourself so that you can live that full and abundant life that you are dreaming of, keep going sister, don’t look back, there is glory up ahead! If you haven’t yet made the choice to follow your heart’s desires, do it now. You’re life is wasting. God has a life planned out for you that is beyond your greatest expectations.

Discussion Question: Which scenario are you living?

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