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Jun 1 2018

Inquiring minds what to know how to do it all without doing it all. Can it be done. I say “YES”!  However, it requires a change in perspective regarding the word ALL. What ALL are you trying to accomplish? Much of the time we live under others’ agendas. We don’t have to. We chose to. It’s more natural than taking control of our own schedule because taking control of our own schedule would require a bit more effort. We sometimes aren’t good at being intentional with the things that are best for us. I say, “It’s never to late to start today what you should have started yesterday.”

We can most certainly do ALL that God has set out for us to do. The tricky part is discerning exactly what that ALL includes and what it doesn’t. I find it helpful to go with a very general rule that if the world promotes something, there is a good chance it shouldn’t be included in my personal ALL. Since beginning my simple life journey many years ago, I’ve learned the object is to swim upstream, to be abnormal, to go against the grain, to move opposite the path of society. It’s just what I’ve learned as I’ve studied God’s word. I don’t always want to do things this way because it’s hard, but I know it’s for my good.

Hebrews 12:1 tells us, “..let us run with perseverance, the race marked out for us.” This verse clearly lets us know that we have a specific assignment (a race) just for us. That is our ALL. Each of us have a different ALL. Ephesians 5:16 says, “making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.” Have you ever thought of the days being evil? There is always something getting in the way of what God has in store for us throughout our days. This is where our judgement gets clouded, and we get sidetracked with ALL the things we shouldn’t be doing.

If we are doing all the wrong things, it’s impossible for us to do it all. It only leaves us exhausted, frustrated and void of the life we were created to live. But, when we connect with ALL the things God has appointed for us, we can live that full, abundant life. And we can most certainly have it ALL. I know, I’ve tried it both ways. Sweet sister, stop trying to do ALL the things you’re not suppose to be doing. You’ll never find the time to do that kind of ALL.


May you discover the ALL you were created to do, and may you let the other ALL go.  You don’t need it…and I’m confident you won’t miss it.

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