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Jun 15 2018


Not a part of the Summer Reading? It’s OK. I invite you read on. There may be some things that resonate with you that you can take away and apply even if you aren’t joining us in the weekly reading.

To my summer reading girlfriends – First, let me say what a huge blessing it is to be reading this book, Girl, Wash Your Face, along side some Jesus loving sisters! We learn and grow so much from sharing experiences and perspectives. I have no doubt that this summer reading will be a life changing experience for each of us, if we allow it.

As we dive into the 20 lies discussed in this book, I imagine some will hit a home run while others may not hit so close to home. With that being said, let’s discuss this book with grace and love, realizing we are all in different places in our life and walk with Christ. Let’s encourage one another and view our girlfriend’s struggles through the eyes of Christ with compassion. Now let’s Get Our Simple On!

If you want to join us for this summer read, it’s not too late. Simply reply to this email to request to be added to the Facebook Group which is where the discussions take place, for the most part.  Each Friday we will be LIVE in the Facebook Group to chat about the week’s assigned chapters and the next week’s reading assignment will be posted on Friday as well.

Hey Girl, Hey! (Intro)

Your life doesn’t have to look like mine. Heck, your life doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s at all, but it should at least be a creation of your own making. – Rachel Hollis

This is so true. When speaking to women about living the simplelife, I often give a little insight to where I am in life at that particular moment. I do this because my life may not seem simple to others but it’s certainly simple in my reality because it’s exactly where God wants me to be. Simple to me may look like chaos to you. This is precisely why we can’t fall into the comparison trap. That too, my friend, is a lie. We have to Stay in Our Own Lane.

I love the advise Rachel gives (page xvii) that we have to constantly work on different angels to attack the same problem. Let’s talk about that –

Discussion Question: What problem continues to circle your life? What have you tried, are currently trying or maybe even considering trying? Or if you’ve been successful about tackling a problem, share what angel/strategy worked for you.

LIE # 1 – Something else will make me happy

“You are in charge of your own life, sister, and there’s not one thing in it that you’re not allowing to be there.” – Rachel Hollis

Ain’t that the ugly truth! We so often forget that we have the power to say NO. Our society has a huge problem with being content. In our human nature, we just want more. When we get that more, we want this more. You know what I’m talking about, right? That is why much of the population is drowning in debt. Been there. Done that.

It’s a vicious cycle that we seem to get trapped into. If we can just get that promotion, that bigger house, that new car, those new clothes, we can finally be happy. We are never going to arrive at any good destination with that type of mentality. Our treasures are not here girlfriends. Our treasure awaits us in eternity, so we better get busy storing it up by living out our assigned mission – the one given to us by our Creator and King!

You don’t know what your mission is? It’s OK. You can discover it by spending time doing things you are passionate about. It’s really that simple to start your discovery process. Yes, it is a process indeed!

How about we jump start together in getting on that path towards our mission? Whether you have discovered your mission on earth or you are completely at a loss for what that might be (or even somewhere in between), let’s take one step forward together.

Discussion Question:  If you have discovered your mission, share it along with what steps you are currently taking to pursue it. If you are still seeking it out, share the things you are passionate about and the talents you have that could kick-start those passions into motion. (This may be a time of self-discovery as you write these things down.)

Interested in some one-on-one coaching to help you discover your mission? Check this out.

LIE # 2 –  I’ll Start Tomorrow

Are you a “cancel-er”? You know, do you make commitments and then cancel either on others or yourself? Or maybe you just make very light commitments or “maybe’s” so that your technically not canceling – this option may not make you feel as guilty which is why it can be a popular method.

I’ve never been a procrastinator. Well, let me be a little more clear. I’ve never been a procrastinator on the things I want to do, the things I know I have to do or the things that I’ve committed to do for someone else. However, I can certainly procrastinate in style when it comes to things I’ve committed to doing in secret. You see, we know if we commit to ourselves and don’t share it with anyone else, we really aren’t held accountable, right? Well, that’s  just dumb really, and I know it AND still do it.

The first step to making progress with any struggle is recognizing it. Once that happens, you then can work out a strategy to overcome it – much like the “different angel” Rachel mentions in the Introduction. Here’s the 4 step process I’m suggesting.

Step 1 – Recognize you are a “cancel-er”.

Step 2 – Determine the strategy. (It may take a few before you get the right one)

Step 3 – Implement your plan.

Step 4 – Evaluate the results.

Discussion Question: If you are a “cancel-er”, what strategy will you implement this week so you can begin doing today what you would rather put off until tomorrow? (I use the word “tomorrow” lightly since we all know that usually turns into many tomorrows). If this particular struggle is one that you’ve mastered, share with the group how you stay on track with your commitments.

If you just feel stuck, here is some encouragement.

Lie # 3 – I’m Not Good Enough

I am loved, and worthy and enough.. as I am.  Do you believe it? Do you really believe it deep down to the depths of your soul? Or maybe like Rachel, and like me, you relate to the feeling of being loved and worthy and enough only when you are producing something. This way of thinking seems to work well if you are efficient, effective, driven and of course, a workaholic. The problem is that it catches up with you at some point and you realize just how exhausted and unfulfilled you are (or in Rachel’s case, how physically ill it was making her). You realize after all those accomplishments there is still so much farther to go. But you are tired of going. Tired of achieving. Tired of hiding from the insecurities that are the driving force behind the manic episode called your life. It has to stop. You must be the one to stop it. Stopping it and covering it up is not the same. And stopping it is hard. But it’s worth it.

I put a stop to the manic episode I called my life about 8 years ago. It was a divine encounter that Jesus arranged with me and myself. Yes, I encountered myself. It wasn’t pretty. It was a very specific moment in time that I realized that although I was producing (a lot – I’m very efficient), it was meaningless in light of eternity. I stopped moving. I started listening. Then I moved in another direction when it was time. I said “no” to those insecurities that had shaped my life and I began to discover my identity in Christ. I am loved and worthy and enough…as I am. And so are you.

Discussion Question: If you have insecurities… well, sure you do, you are human. Let me reword this – What insecurities do you struggle with that influence your daily decisions and ultimately determines the course of your life? If you have gone through a process of overcoming the stronghold of those insecurities, would you share what helped you. Or, what things will you commit to trying in order to break that stronghold? I know it’s an uncomfortable subject, but we grow most when we step out of our comfort zones. Take the leap.

Congratulations! We have uncovered 3 lies of the enemy this week. We are making progress!

Hang in there girlfriends, our face is getting cleaner and clearer by the chapter.

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5 comments on “Girl, Wash Your Face Summer Reading: Lies 1-3

  1. I know my mission, but that can be it’s own challenge–when you’re so full of purpose, work doesn’t feel like work–you can forget to make time for other things/people that are important, especially yourself. Knowing yourself is the first step in discovering your mission/purpose. God has directed me to various passions and I’ve learned to trust and follow.
    Lie#2 was the biggie for me: I rarely cancel on others, but easily do it when it comes to the time I reserve for self-care. This is something I’m still working on, but never thought of it from the emotional angle that she highlighted. Hopefully, this will help!

    • Be Still and Live on said:

      Becky, I love the insight you brought out when you said “I know my mission, but that can be it’s own challenge..”. It’s so true and that’s where I am. I know my mission and there are so many ways I can live out that mission and can certainly be overwhelming. It’s hard sometimes to know which avenue to take when there are so many options before us. I always want to be sure I’m fulfilling my mission in the way that is appointed by God and sometimes that’s hard to discern. This is where I am in life, right now, today. I love inspiring simplicity and I love this ministry with an overwhelming passion – that avenue I’m clear on. Some of the other avenues in fulfilling my mission are a bit blurry. I’m praying for clarity. Thank you for your words! I love when God uses our own experiences to impact someoneelse’s. – Christy

  2. Latonia Collie on said:

    I have a huge problem with being a “canceller” and it’s because I have the best intentions in the world, but when it all boils down to it… I have two small children, a full time job, a husband, my ministry, my church.. and by the time I do have any time. I’m just exhausted. I am admitting that the years of trying to keep up with a social life are over. I honestly need to be more focused on my home life and my quiet time with God . I don’t want my kids to grow up with only a generic relationship with me . I want to really be there ! And I’m just not going to sacrifice my peace of mind anymore to try and keep up. So yes I used to be a canceller, but after last week’s lessons… I’m going to be more honest with my friends and with myself . The time will come when I will have more time for “the scene” I’m going to embrace being a wife and an Assistant Pastor ..even my helpers need a break ..: so I’m going to take more of an active and purposeful role in my life and the lives of my kids ! I just can’t do everything and be everywhere!!! And I’m ok with that !

    • Be Still and Live on said:

      Thank you so much for sharing! Your commitment to make a big change is encouraging and inspiring. Saying “No” is hard at first but those who love you and understand that each of us must ultimately live out our mission are going to understand why you are saying “No” to them during this season. In order to say “Yes” to God, there also has to be a “No” somewhere in there.