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Mar 13 2016

simple steps-9

simple step # 9


This simple step is a no-brainer, but it doesn’t make it any easier to accomplish. After you read about this full-proof method of purging, my hope is you will be anxious to give it a go. We can probably all agree that we have way more stuff than we need. We can also probably agree that we need to declutter and get rid of much of this unnecessary stuff we have accumulated. Let’s start with our closet!

I’ve been reading “the life-changing magic cost of tidying up” by Marie Kondo and though I don’t agree with all her insights, I can say that her KonMari Method of clearing out closets does work! I tried it out last week and purged over 50 articles of clothing. This was even after several initial mini sessions of purging upon our recent move. I consider it a success, and my closet is the proof.

The KonMari Method requires that you place every item of clothing in the house on the floor. She encourages us to search the house for those clothes we’ve tucked away and possible forgotten about. “Make sure you have gathered every last piece of clothing,” says Mari. Then after you get past the initial shock of the number of clothes you actually own, it’s time to start purging. As you pick up each item in your hand, you ask, “does this spark joy?” If not, purge it.

“What things will bring you joy if you keep them as part of your life?” (Kondo)

It might seem like a silly question as I know we have a library of rationale we use when we purge. All those reasons we come up with merely complicates the process. This one simple question is easy to answer as you pick up each item of clothing.

Here’s your challenge this week:

Make the commitment to pick a day this week to try the full-proof KonMari Method. You will be amazed at the outcome, just as I was. It’s hard for our flesh to let go of possessions, even those we no longer enjoy. As we begin to focus on eternity, it becomes more natural to let go of those things which have no eternal value so that we have room for those things that do.

The pile from my closet


The much more tidy finished product!


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