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Feb 22 2016

simple step # 7

live within your limits.

You won’t be excited about this one but it will be good for you. It’s good for me. We may not think about it often but the things we don’t want to change are the very things that have the power to transform our life.

Why don’t we get excited about living within our financial limits? Perhaps because we are a society of entitlement, we are impatient, we are selfish and we think we know what’s best for us. Convincing us that we will be more satisfied and have a fuller life if we live beyond the financial provisions God has blessed us with is one of the enemy’s most deceptive and effective tactics. Are you falling for it?

This is the single-most brilliant definition of debt I have ever come aross. It’s straight-forward and painfully true. Check this out.

“By definition, debt comes from wanting more than God’s current provision for your life and arranging other ways to get it. Let that sink in.” (simplify. by Bill Hybels)

I’m convicted. How about you?

Here’s your challenge this week:

Commit to living within your limits. Resist the strong temptation to arrange other ways to get that which you cannot afford today. Know that God grants us every single thing we need in His perfect timing in order for us to complete our mission…And that, my friend, will simplify your life.

Click here if you are feeling the weight of debt and feel helpless, discover the one thing you need to climb your way out.

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