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Jan 16 2016


simple step # 2:
Give. It. Up.

I told you these step would be simple, not easy. Simple means not difficult to understand. Easy means not hard to do. Our lives are full of choices. The simplelife is made up of the right choices – God’s choices.

“Would you consider letting go of something you enjoy, in obedience to God, in order to simplify your life?”
(Joyce Meyer)

Here’s your challenge this week:
Give up just one thing this week in obedience to God. You’re not going to have to think very hard about what you could give up this week. I’ll bet God has placed something specific on your heart just as you are reading this – something He is asking you to give up in obedience to Him. Don’t leave this page without committing to give that one thing up. It doesn’t mean He’ll ask you to give it up forever, or He may. He just wants to know you are willing.

Are you willing to Give. It. Up.? Oh what treasure awaits you on the other side of that obedience.

God never asks us to do anything that won’t eventually make our lives better. Be obedient to His requests, every one…and that, my friend, will simplify your life.

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