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Jan 31 2016

simple step # 4:
hurry up!

Is there really anything simple about “hurry up!”? Why yes, this happens to be one very important prerequisite of living the simplelife. Let me explain by sharing with you an illustration I came across awhile back.

There is an old fable about a time when Satan was training three apprentice devils. He askedĀ  one how he proposed to deceive people. “I will tell them there is no God.” “That will never work,” Satan replied, “for everyone knows there is a God.” The second one volunteered that he would tell people there is no hell. “That won’t work, either. Everyone knows there must be a hell.” Then the third apprentice devil spoke up. “I will tell them there is no hurry.” Satan smiled and said, “You will deceive millions.”

Have you believed this lie – there is no hurry? If you have, wake up and smell the deceit! Our time here is short. Our time here is important. Our time here is running out. If you are living as if you have plenty of time to do the work you been placed here to do, you are mistaken. God has given us each just enough time to live out our assignments. He also gives us the free will to choose to ignore our God-given destiny. If we choose the ignore-ant path then we miss the point of our entire existence.

Here’s your challenge this week:
Be aware of the schemes of the enemy. He acknowledges there is a God and a hell. He also acknowledges our limited time here. My prayer is that you acknowledge the same. Be mindful of our brief time to carry out our assignments. Be mindful that we are living in the “-” (dash). The “-” between the date of our entry and the date of our exit of this world.

Realize your time is short and hurry up doing those things in which you were fearfully and wonderfully made to accomplish….And that, my friend, will simplify your life.

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