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Jan 24 2016

simple step # 3:
accept your capacity

Just as our electronic devices have an internal capacity, so do we. Often times we ignore the signs of capacity overload. You know, those times we feel our emotions are out of control. What about those days that we throw self-care out the window in order to check off a few more items from our list? Or maybe you can relate to my personal favorite, chronic lateness. These are all signs that we are pushing ourselves beyond the capacity we have been equipped. There is nothing simple about living in the chaos of capacity overload.

“Embracing our personal capacity allows us to live out our calling.
(Alli Worthington, Breaking Busy)

Here’s your challenge this week:
Recognize the signs of capacity overload and make the choice to accept your capacity. Make the changes necessary in your day, in your life, to keep you within the boundaries of your capacity. It is only inside those boundaries that your simplelife can be found.

God has equipped each of us with just enough capacity to live out His purposes in this life. Discover those boundaries and live within them…And that, my friend, will simplify your life.

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