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Aug 15 2012

You came..and I am so very greatful that you did!  I am so very excited that you have joined me today to share in this awesome news. God has been preparing me for this day from the beginning, but I just realized what “this” was about 2 years ago. He placed a strong desire in my heart to pursue a speaking ministry, so strong that He prompted me to make some pretty crazy decisions (by the world’s view) since that time.

With overwhelming emotion, today I share with you that my ministry Be Still and Live is launched!!!!

You may be wondering, what does that really mean? All I can say is that God has called me to have a positive impact on other’s lives while living with simplicity- my personal mission statement. Sharing the messages he lays upon my heart, coupled with the things He teaches me daily, with other women is the avenue He has laid before me to live out that mission.  Today is only the beginning of the journey and I would love for you to be a part of it.

I am truly blessed to have such a supporting husband..I won’t pretend he doesn’t look at me like I am crazy sometimes..but he just smiles and say “Ok Wifey”. He has become my editor by default. God love his willing heart. My dearest friend Jennifer has been on this roller coaster of life with me for the past 13 years. When I say wild, I meant that I have handed out many barf bags to her..but she just keeps riding. She too has supported this mission that God laid on my heart and has listened to countless hours of me sharing those visions with her…sweet, sweet sister! My precious children..what else can I say (although sometime I do call them  “Children of the Corn”). If you have no idea what I am talking about, I am just showing my age. If you know the movie, hopefully you can relate rather than thinking I am an awful mother!

Some of you dear friends have been an instrumental part in the journey that brings us to this day and for that, I truly thank you for loving me enough to invest your time in my calling. For others, you have touched my life and inspired me and you probably have no idea. For that, I truly thank you for impacting my life by simply being you. And for others,  although we just met, the impact you have had on my life is no less than what one could expect from a lifelong friendship. You have encouraged me, comforted me, prayed for me..and therefore were the souls that confirmed this calling on my life. And for the rest of you, we may only be acquaintances or maybe not met just yet at all – either way,  I anticipate calling you friend. God bless each of you.

What can I do to help?

If God lays it upon your heart, please pray for this ministry like nobody’s business. The enemy has already launched a hefty attack on our family and there are many more to come.

How do I see how it’s going?

I will be posting updates to my blog every Monday and there you can see how we are moving along and how prayers are being answered. Additionally, I will also be posting to my blog several times a week to offer God’s encouragement and teaching to my dear friends. I have alot to learn from our sweet Jesus and I sure do mess up I am pretty sure I won’t run out of things to share that He teaches me 🙂

I am truly humbled that you have chosen to share in the joy of this day with me.

In HIS sweet love,


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3 comments on “Hi Dear Friends!

  1. Sharon Shelton on said:

    Still seeking my mission as well; and my ‘corn’ grows daily!

  2. Kellie on said:

    Very excited for you Christy! You will inspire and encourage SO many- I know!

    Excited to see what God has in store for you!

  3. Will pray lots, Christy!