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welcome to be still and live ministry

Be Still and Live is a ministry focused on uncovering God’s truths for a simple life in the midst of a society that has no tolerance for stillness. This ministry exists to inspire simplicity in the hearts of today’s busy women.

Our passion is to uncover the deep desire to live differently and to offer encouragement on the journey towards stillness, peace and simplicity. We do this by offering a variety of connection opportunities for groups and individuals. Check out all our connection points above.

So here we are, temporarily fixed by time. We built our lives, trying to accomplish much and trying to help our family succeed, but this grand structure of a life we envisioned now suddenly seems more like a prison. We are stressed, overwhelmed, and we want out. You don’t want it that way. You want something different. Something more. And yet something less. The simple life. (simplelife, Rainer)

If you can identify with this reality, join us and Get Your Simple On today!

Claim the life that was specifically designed for you and embark on the simplelife journey with us!

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to talk more about the Connection Points we offer – contact us today.



fire yourself

simple step # 10 fire yourself. Here’s an odd instruction for you – fire yourself. Just hang in here with me while I explain. I’m confident you’ll agree with my unconventional approach as you begin to see how this will most certainly simplify your life. We are a […]

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simple step # 9 purge. This simple step is a no-brainer, but it doesn’t make it any easier to accomplish. After you read about this full-proof method of purging, my hope is you will be anxious to give it a go. We can probably all agree that we […]

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why can’t you say it?

simple step # 8: say no. I totally get that it is hard to say “no”. We are faced to make a decision between these two little words every day of our lives. The words yes and no are short but powerful. These words determine the course of […]

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live within your limits.

simple step # 7 live within your limits. You won’t be excited about this one but it will be good for you. It’s good for me. We may not think about it often but the things we don’t want to change are the very things that have the […]

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keep it real.

simple step # 6: keep it real. I’m not a huge fan of Facebook. I know, it goes against the grain of the way a huge segment of the population enjoys communicating. I like to keep it real and Facebook is often just a facade. Don’t get me […]

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fill your tank

simple step # 5 fill your tank This concept is not only simple, but also easy to understand. When the fuel gauge on your car starts to get dangerously close to the “E” it’s time for a fill up. There is really no excuse for running out of […]

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simple step #4 will surprise you

simple step # 4: hurry up! Is there really anything simple about “hurry up!”? Why yes, this happens to be one very important prerequisite of living the simplelife. Let me explain by sharing with you an illustration I came across awhile back. There is an old fable about […]

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simple step # 3 – accept your capacity

simple step # 3: accept your capacity Just as our electronic devices have an internal capacity, so do we. Often times we ignore the signs of capacity overload. You know, those times we feel our emotions are out of control. What about those days that we throw self-care […]

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